KAN-CA offers excellent financial solutions to clients whose goal is to optimize their business performance to boost their earning potential. Our principle is founded on the idea that Client business deserves to grow. We pride in our dedicated and highly qualified staff equipped with cutting edge technology to drive change by providing solutions to their businesses.

Our methods are practicable and our results are concrete. We work with corporate businesses, government and community organizations to create individualized financial plans for saving, investment, retirement and insurance. We offer pragmatic information and guidance to help businesses plan their financial future. We provide invaluable information on taxes, investments and insurance decisions. We also focus on financial needs of specific business in:

  • Carrying out due diligence
  • Designing Administrative & Financial regulations.
  • Financial evaluation of existing companies
  • Design & prepare all cost accounting reports
  • Financial analysis, financial indicators and performance appraisal
  • Performing all procedures of companies incorporation
  • Conducting all companies’ liquidation procedures
  • Companies evaluations.