Our Core Values

  • <b>Excellence:</b>

    In all areas of our business, we strive to achieve excellence and make our excellence unique.

  • <b>Efficiency and Effectiveness:</b>

    We seek effective and efficient ways to better serve our clients, meet their needs, and enhance their performance and results.

  • <b>Consistency:</b>

    Building rock-solid, long term business relationships with our clients is the ultimate goal of every single activity we carry out. Hence, we make sure that our day-to-day operations produce consistent results so that we can achieve total client’s confidence.

  • <b>Sense of Urgency:</b>

    We feel a sense of urgency on matters related to our clients. We own problems, anticipate needs, respond quickly and deliver excellent solutions.

  • <b>Self-Discipline:</b>

    We work within a defined system to achieve clearly stated objectives, yet there is enough space for everyone to act innovatively within this system.

KAN Chartered Accountants KAN-CA is a licensed accounting firm by the Institute of Chartered Accountant, Ghana and based in Accra, Ghana. We provide premium professional services through our qualified and experienced Auditors, Accountants, Tax Experts and Financial Consultants.

Our target is to build close relationships with each and every client; we always pride ourselves with our relevance to the needs of our clients and the responsiveness to their general needs.

Our commitment is to help clients plan a tax efficient structure, improve profits and increase the value of the business by handling complex and sophisticated matters locally, nationally and internationally in a professional and personal approach.

We offer professional services to businesses such as audit assurance, internal auditing, forensic investigations, taxation, payroll management, training, preparation of business plans and proposals as well as other financial advisory services.